who are we?

We know a bit about VC funds - raised money, managed and even invested in them. We are a bunch of people who travel, meet, talk to and invest in ginger startups (startups that grow in every direction), at early stage.

We have started companies earlier, and man, that was even tougher than being an investor. We are usually scared of tough questions by our portfolio founders. So we try our best to be the audience of all these startups. For example, we gained a lot of weight when we invested in food. And when we sleep on our desks, we imagine how the world will be different. One of our partners dreamt that 'Siri' is taking requests for buying the Xiaomi phone automatically and even arranging a loan for it.

To show we are serious about our work, we have a Board, an Investment Committee, Mentors, and Investment Managers. The founders of our portfolio companies also are a part of the IQ team (actually those are the most useful guys).

Our current portfolio of disrupters (yeah, cliché!) is listed below. In a few decades, we will update the list categorising the successful ones.

It is not the strongest of the species that survive,
nor the most intelligent,
but the one most
responsive to change.
Charles Darwin

Portfolio Founders


Tarun Matta

Founder, iimjobs.com

Product manager who is disrupting job portals.


Pankaj Guglani

Founder, RedQuanta

Hardcore techie who loves complex operations. And mystery shopping!


Garima Jain

Founder, Belita

Inspires everybody to work hard, loves processes.


Siddharth Chandurkar

Founder, Shephertz

Big IT guy is democratizing technology for game developers.


Nimish Adani

Founder, Engrave

One man dream team. Designer, Techie, Marketeer.


Rohit, Iti, Anubhuti

Founders, mapmytalent.in

Passionate about helping students choose right careers.


Rana Atheya

Founder, DogSpot

Loves dogs; makes business fun while Shailesh and Ankit work.


Pankhuri, Prateek

Founders, Grabhouse

Counselling roommates in the day and coding by the night.


Karan Behal

Founder, Pretty Secrets

He's building #1 online lingerie brand (not the shy guy!).


Bharani, Nitin

Founders, 91mobiles

Have a question on SEO, affiliate programs, comparison engines?


Vinita, Kaushik

Founders, FabBag

Facebook celebrities who love stock-outs, that too of paid samples.


Badal, Sumit

Founders, frsh

They will give you health food, and you will still eat out their hands.


Avinash, Mayank

Founders, Roposo

Beautiful code for those who want fashion 'my way'.


Aditya, Sahiba

Founders, PurpleSquirrel

Speed dating and courtship for students and companies.


Vivek, Mayank, Sourav

Founders, Nearify

Never miss anything happening near you.


Sai Srinivas, Shubham

Founders, Teewe

Mango men obsessed about making great electronic products.

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