what we do?

We have been in business for a few years now. Basically funding companies that not too many seem to like. We don't care if it looks ugly, as long as it promises to grow like weed.

We will invest in very early stage startups.

  • If your product is not ready, you are welcome to sit with us till you get it ready. We will make sure the coffee is good.
  • If your product is ready but not really working, we will give you money to iterate.
  • If your product market fit is not proven, we will give you enough to reach there.
  • If your business is doing well, but still not attracting VCs, all you need is some money and some patience.

In short we are happy to rip you off. Anything upto 3 crores for 5 to 25% equity.

We are happy to invest and reap rewards and expect you to run your own business. Our investment will largely be in terms of money. A few people who have tried to involve us in brain storming and other BS have quickly reverted to monthly updates. We do have an advisory board since it is fashionable and you could pester them for help. They are the types who 'love' helping startups.

There are a few structured programs we conduct for our portfolio; and you can catch up with your Facebook account during those days. We do many of these programs because its fun, and we need fun because, well, we need to be patient. The other teams in the portfolio make great company, and are a lot of help. But you don't really need to give an arm and a leg to build relationships with fellow entrepreneurs.

The chief
enemy of creativity
common sense.
Pablo Picaso

what sectors we like?

The intersection of smartphone, big data, and design is changing our lives. We see people, consumers, around us doing all sorts of things on the smartphone. Buying, talking, getting updated, learning, entertaining themselves, playing. We have special love for markets that others think are small.

Then there is the other class of tech companies that are building global products while being based out of India. It might seems clich├ęd but we're pretty much sector agnostic and one has to be when one is talking about India.

Disruption can be brought about in any sector. Anand Lunia (Founder, IndiaQuotient)